Common Types Of Blog Posts

If you manage your small business’s website, then you know how frustrating it can be to consistently come up with creative types of blog posts. If you’re out of ideas for your next post or article, then I’ve got you covered with a few suggestions. Of course you can always contact us for your blog and website publishing needs, but if you still want to give it a shot on your own, then here are a few types of blog posts to consider.

The How-To

These types of posts are probably the most common and are pretty much self explanatory, yet very few businesses get these right. The subject matter must be narrowed down to target specific audiences. These types of blog posts should teach your readers “how-to” do something. Be careful, though. The internet is filled with various sites dedicated solely to this form of writing, and they tend to be tough to organize and communicate effectively.

How-To articles must show your credibility by presenting a problem and demonstrating a solution. These types of posts are typically best for those businesses that provide niche services and products such as home improvement, new technologies and hard to understand technical services like those centered around legal services or financial and money management.

The Profile Post

Profiles are great for informing your audience about a person, company or industry leading expert.

Writers with a background in journalism are going to be your best bet to write these types of posts. The profile piece requires research, asking yourself and your subject relevant and unique questions in order to convey their expertise and yours. Painting your subject in a certain light that is unique and specific to your business and industry requires careful planning and organization. Interesting facts and insight should be your goal here.

Industry News

These posts are all about credibility and disseminating information to your readers and clients. To accurately write about industry news and updates, you obviously must stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments as they occur. Follow social media accounts and other blogs from industry leading experts and you will be able to write quality, informative and compelling news articles for your blog on a regular basis.

Meet The Team

These make for an excellent first post to your company’s blog. This type of post allows your prospective clients and new readers to learn more about your company’s most vital asset – the team. Give your employees an opportunity to write up a short bio about themselves. These should include professional head shots, links to their social media accounts, especially LinkedIn, and reveal a few personal details such as hobbies.

The Product or Service Review

Every business relies heavily on client and customer reviews. There are entire college writing courses centered around the art of writing and responding to online reviews. Online reviews are an industry unto themselves. Yelp, Angie’s List and Home Adviser are just a few of the top review sites that come to mind. In today’s world of business, positive and negative reviews can be the difference between succeeding and failing.

Reviews are not just useful for clients and customers. They also make excellent blog posts for any business in any industry. The difference between online client and customer reviews and the ones you might publish to your blog is your reviews are going to make a suggestion to your readers. Your review posts should either suggest or discourage the use of or purchasing of a certain product or service. There are several different ways to approach this, but it’s important to always keep your audience in mind. Try to avoid being too technical in your assessments and recommendations.

It is also important to keep in mind that you should maintain a professional tone. This means you should avoid offering opinions that are too extreme one way or the other – positive or negative.

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