Using Images To Boost Your Site’s SEO

Whether you use pictures to promote your products or services on your website, you understand that quality images are essential to any great looking website. What may not be aware of is that your images need to be optimized for search engines.

Yes, there’s far more than meets the eye when it comes to inserting images across the pages of your site. Today, we’re going to go over a few ways that you can use the images on your business’s website to help boost your search engine ranking and overall SEO score.

Finding The Right Images

First things first, do not use any images that you do not own (i.e. simple google searches) and if you don’t own your pics, then always be sure to either have permission from the owner, you credit them for the image (such as “photo courtesy of”) and sometimes you will need to do both. If you don’t have the money for a professional photographer, you can always do a google search for images that are labeled for reuse, reuse with modification and commercial reuse.

Asheville content solutions graphic for boosting SEO using iimages
Notice How I Gave Credit to The Source of This Image?
SEO Flow chart taken from pixlr

However, using your own photos is not difficult these days and you don’t need to be a professional photographer to snap great images that will look great on your website. With software such as Photoshop and Canva, you can transform the pics from your smartphone into professional looking photos.

Once you have selected the images you’d like to use and the web pages you want them posted to, it’s time to do a bit of light editing and simple formatting. The only thing we’re going to do here is make sure your images are properly sized, so they don’t look distorted and huge or small and unrecognizable.

Free Tools For Creating Custom Images

You can use free software such as Photoshop express to properly resize images to make them suitable for websites and social media posts.

You can download Photoshop Express from Google Play Store for free. You’ll be able to edit, create and customize pictures taken straight from your mobile device.

Here’s an example of one I did in about 10 minutes using my smartphone’s Photoshop Express app. I simply added a few pics from my device into a collage on Photoshop Express, then I shared it with my Google Photos – which is often times setup for auto backing up of your device’s pictures and screenshots, and finally I inserted it into this post from my WordPress media library – which, again, is connected to my Google Photos account.

this is where you would give credit to the original photographer – Example:
Image courtesy of Asheville Content Solutions

Optimizing Your Images For Search Engines

We’re not done yet. Next, we must edit the images alt text, or alternative text, in order to “describe” the image to various search engines. You do this by selecting your image on your WordPress website and your block editor toolbar will come up in the right hand panel or your page.

Here’s an example of what the box will look. Notice the red arrow pointing at the Alt Text box? This is where you will “describe your image.” Here you also choose a size and you can even customize your dimensions.

Make your description simple, even if it is a complex image. For the first image, I might name describe it as “Photoshop Express collage of dog, screenshot and mountains for example of images to boost SEO.”

That’s a bit long, but the key is to accurately describe the image using at least of few of your keywords that you want the page or post to rank for. Here, it’s images to boost SEO. Yours might show off your landscaping work and include the type of project, location and a description of the work performed in the photo.

The Importance Of Alt Text To Images & Your Visitors

Alt Text also appears in place of an image when web pages are loading too slow and can also be used by those who may handicapped and unable to view the image itself. In this case, a screenreading software will often read aloud the Alt Text description of the image, making an accurate description that much more important to your site’s overall usability and functionality.

Creating inforgraphics, social media banners and other unique images works the same way.

SEO graphic for post on using images to boost SEO.

Using Canva For Infographics & Adding Text To Your Images

Tools like Canva allow you to choose a template for the size and type of image you want to create. You upload your own images to your account, which can be connected with Google in just a few clicks, and you can begin creating your own custom graphic images immediately. Overlay your images with text, shapes and a wide range of design tools that will make your photos unique and establish your brand.

Canva will also save all of your prior projects so that you may go back and reuse or recycle some of your designs down the road. You also get to choose the format you use to download your Canva creation. You can choose to download it as a PDF, JPG or PNG. There are other options available, perhaps to payed accounts, but these are the three main formats that you’ll need to concern yourself with. Choosing the right format depends on how you plan on using the image. If you need any help choosing the right format, please reach out to Asheville Content Solutions and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Still not comfortable inserting and optimizing your own images into your business’s website?

Are you stuck on which images would work best with your site or industry?

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