How To Write An “About Us” Page That Tells A Story

I want you to take the time to read the Cape Fear Delivery’s About Us page that I wrote for the company’s official website. This is the one piece of writing that I’m most proud of, and I can’t wait to show it off to potential clients whenever the chance presents itself.

Why? You ask.

It was challenging, time consuming, and incredibly satisfying to work on this project. It was also incredibly moving to hear my client get all choked up when they said, “I didn’t want to stop reading, it’s beautiful, it’s like a story but I can’t believe this is my business,” after they finished reading my final draft of their About Us page for their new website.

The Process

how to write a great about us page that tells a story Asheville NC content writer Matthew Sherdan

Writers have a process, and I’m no different than the others. I learn about something, start jotting down ideas, and then begin putting words on a page or screen. This happens rather quickly for most, which makes sense because time is money.

For this project, though, I scrapped that process and decided to act as though Cape Fear were MY business, that I had started all on my own without any help or actual employees–just as my client had done.

This sudden metamorphosis didn’t happen overnight, and I spent more time conducting research than I did actually writing. I took on every role associated with this business and industry (Restaurant Delivery Service).

From customer, to employee, to owner, to manager, to accountant, to competitor, I put myself in everyone’s shoes. The result? Well, she was all choked up, remember.

I talked to customers and asked them all sorts of questions, many of them had nothing to do with their use of the delivery service. We discussed ordinary everyday topics such as their favorite foods, traffic around town, and the weather. That gave me some insight into them as people, and not just Cape Fear Delivery customers. There’s a big difference.

Understanding Your Business

I researched the most successful Restaurant Delivery Services from around the region, the state, the country, and the world. I looked at corporate based services as well as successful start-ups like that of my client’s. I read countless about us, our story, and company history pages from tons of related websites. I took the good, learned from the bad, and used these as examples before I finally crafted a unique story that engaged my readers on many different levels. The visitors to this page are told an inspirational story while learning about this unique service that was started by someone who understands their needs and desires.

I came up with the ASAP model, provided context for this novel industry, told the history of the business and its owner, and did it all by telling this story. In the end, visitors to the site gain valuable, honest insight into this service, and they’re given a behind the scenes look at one person’s passion and how it lead to the business’s overall success.

And I wanted it to read like I was talking to them directly. I call this “you” centered written content.

Writing a great about us page Matthew Sherdan Asheville NC web marketing copy and SEO

The Cape Fear Delivery About Us page is essentially how I would go about telling anyone willing to listen ABOUT this cool start-up service. Deliveries are made to your door, anything you could possibly need is available.

From how it operates with certain standards, to how it was started by someone just like us, someone who lives in the same city that we live, who experiences the same shitty rush hour traffic every Friday night in the summer, and who wants nothing more than to make everyone’s lives just a little bit easier by offering a simple delivery service based on bringing hot food from local non-delivering restaurants, or bringing us that one item we absolutely forgot to grab while we were at the overcrowded grocery store filled with those same fun loving rush hour drivers from earlier.

Evaluating Your Needs

A well written About page can be the difference between a sale, or a client, or even a potential referral. You need to have a page of your website dedicated to telling your story. You need to stand out, and it’s your chance to be creative, regardless of the industry you’re working in. Don’t go at it alone. Consider hiring a professional, or at least one that will edit your content for voice and tone plus consistency.

Need an interesting, and unique About Us page that tells your story and promotes the content across your website? Maybe you want to tell your company’s story with pictures or a cool YouTube Video?

Well, you’ll want to definitely consider hiring a professional writer or brand journalist and preferably one who has an intimate knowledge of  your company’s history. You’ve taken your business on a long journey, and there’s no sense in risking its future success for a few dollars and some poorly written content.

Questions, comments, and concerns are all welcome, and you can feel free to contact Matthew Sherdan today for your free About Us page quote and advice.

You can also read more about the importance of quality digital marketing copy writing on other posts across this site.

Happy New Year!!!


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