Why Your Small Business Needs A Professional Content Writer

Ever visited a company’s website only to find it wasn’t very user friendly, pages were missing, the text was full of errors and the content lacked accurate information?

What did you do next?

I’m guessing you did what most of us do and headed over to a different company’s website. That first company may have just cost themselves a sale, or a client or an important account simply due to their general carelessness. Don’t let that happen to you!


Many times, a company’s website, and the content that fills the pages, all serve as a first impression. A great looking site that is easy to navigate and free from errors is the equivalent of having a tidy and clean storefront and greeting your customers with a smile.

When someone enters your physical brick and mortar establishment, they expect that type of treatment, and the same goes for when potential customers and clients visit your website.

Every business, regardless of industry, needs a website filled with creative, credible and informative content. This goes beyond phone numbers, hours of operation, and an about us page.


Good news is that its not too difficult to launch a company website these days. You don’t have to be a computer genius to build a respectable and professional looking website for your business.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, simply having a Company Facebook Page alone isn’t going to cut it, sorry.

In fact, you might as well just tell your audience you’d prefer to take the easy way out and you’re not serious about your business.

One common trait of most successful small businesses is a clean website that serves as a marketing tool. Your business site should generate revenue in some way.

It starts with well written content that establishes your brand and sells your product or service.

Your website is a marketing investment. A quality content writer will protect that investment.

Just as paying for a billboard should give you a positive return on your investment, a great content writer should do the same.


Writing all of your website’s content yourself is an extremely time consuming and difficult process that takes your attention and focus away from growing your business. You have many more important things to worry about as a small business owner.

However, purchasing your articles from online services such as BlogMutt and Constant Content is not the same as having a local writer that you can work with in person.

Consider hiring a local agency or freelance professional who understands your market and who

Blue Ridge Parkway and Asheville content Solutions

you can meet with face-to-face. Search for a local content writer with a feel for your community and the city in which you both live.

After all, you’re paying this person to convey your company’s voice as a way to establish your business as a local brand.

If you are in or around the Asheville, NC area then contact us for your free consultation and website analysis. We’re ready to get to work crafting quality content for your business’s website.

Before hiring just anyone, conduct a quick Google search or visit other similar businesses to see if they have any recommendations.

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